3 Ways to Avoid Car Dents

Ways To Avoid Car Dents

We all know how frustrating it is to walk up to your car and see that it has an unsightly dent that wasn’t there before you parked and left it for a couple of hours. It’s simply annoying. You know you haven’t done any mistake in driving or handling your car, but still, it’s there – grinning right back at you. All car owners will do everything they can to keep their vehicles looking their best for as long as possible. So no matter how small or minor that dent maybe, apart from it being annoying, you’re now stressed thinking about the costly car dent removal service it entails. Your commitment to living a frugal life and practising budget-friendly ways to maintain a car is now shattered.

So if you really want to avoid those hefty car scratch removal and dent repair services, the only thing you can do is to protect your vehicle to the best of your abilities. Rapid Car Removal has been in the damaged car removal and recycling industry for two decades now. We have witnessed all kinds of cars with all kinds of exterior dings – from the simplest to worst ones. With that, we ought to provide you with some expert car tips and tricks you can do to avoid those ‘magical’ dents and scratches that appear out of nowhere on your car’s body.

Given that most of those car dents are unfortunately an inevitable part of car ownership, in a nutshell, here’s what we can suggest you do to (at the least) lessen the chances of getting those annoying dents: SMART and DEFENSIVE PARKING. To learn more about what we truly mean, here are 3 tips:



Let’s face it, not all places that we go to have indoor or basement parking areas. And so, if you do go to a place where they offer one, always take advantage of it. Not only are they great for avoiding dents and scratches, it will also keep your car protected from harsh weather conditions. Thus, keeping your car more clean, shiny, and smooth. One expert tip that we also suggest is to choose your parking spot wisely. We know that most drivers will prefer the spot where it’s nearest the building entrance. But if avoiding car dents is your priority, prefer the less crowded spots in the parking area. The middle and last parking lane, for example, is better than the first one. Yes, you may have to walk a few steps more, but it is a best practice to keep your car away from unpredictable situations.



Be honest. Who of us, experienced drivers and seasoned car owners, love to parallel park? We don’t know about you, but we sure do not know anyone who does. Exactly why we call it an art. It requires skill, patience, and a lot of practice. But apart from it being a common dreaded parking situation for many, it is actually one of the best ways to protect your car from getting dents and scratches. Think about it, if there is no car that is parked in your left and right side, it sure is the perfect way to avoid the annoying ‘door dings’ from those careless car owners and passengers.



Generally, your car is parked at the longest time when you are at home. So one of the smartest and most responsible ways to protect your vehicle from getting dents and scratches is to keep it rested inside a garage. It’s shielded from the sun and harsh weather conditions. Its paint job is preserved. You’ll less likely need a car rust removal service for a longer period of time or never. And, it’s guarded from those car dent contributors in your neighborhood like careless bikers, balls coming out of nowhere, stray cats, falling fruits and branches, and more.


We won’t deny the fact that following these 3 tips would require you spend a little bit more time and exert more effort. However, once you have gotten smart and defensive parking into your system, when it comes naturally already, you will see that your car now has less or even no unnecessary dents and scratches anymore.

If you think the damages of your car exteriors are not worth spending time, effort, and money on anymore, it is a clear sign that you have to let it go. You need to hire expert car wreckers and removalists who have been trusted by many clients for many years – Rapid Car Removal. We even proudly pay our clients top cash for their cars.