12 Myths About Selling Cars Debunked

Natural-Born Seller

You need not be a natural-born seller just to sell your car fast and at the price you’re aiming for. There is no such thing. If you think you got no skills or talent in selling, you’re wrong because anyone can do it. You just got to have the right mindset and attitude.

They say, there’s no such thing as a bad advice. However, there are what we call as myths and misconceptions on selling cars. Now you might have developed your own notions or you have bought others’ wrong views on how to sell cars, believing those myths can prevent you from achieving your goal. Now unless you are willing to pay for professional car selling services, arm yourself now against these roadblocks so you can breeze through the whole car selling process  nice and easy.

As one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers who have been in the automotive industry for over two decades, we ought to give you expert car selling tips as we debunk the myths some still choose to believe:

1. Selling is lying. You don’t have to lie in order for your car to sell. If your car does have some issues, it’s better to tell your potential buyer about it. This will show your buyers that you can be trusted; and that you have nothing more to hide from them.

2. Anyone can be persuaded to buy your car. According to some, you really good at selling if you can let anyone buy your product or service. But for car owners who just really have to sell their old vehicles, that doesn’t have to be the case. In order not to waste time and energy, persuade only those who have a genuine need for what you are selling.

3. Car buyers always want the lowest price. If you put a very low price tag on your used car, car buyers will have the impression that there is a catch. They might think that it is damaged or poorly maintained. Just like the saying, when something is too good to be true; well, it probably is.

4. You don’t need a sales strategy to sell your car. Even if you are not doing selling as a profession, you still need a sales strategy if you want to get your car sold faster. Think about your unique selling proposition – what does your car have that will make your buyer regret if he/she won’t take your offer? Remember that you also have competitors – other private sellers and dealerships. That is why, you still have to make some effort in formulating a strategy for your car to be differentiated from others in the market.

5. Minor repairs can wait. While it is still possible to sell your car even if it has minor issues, bear in mind that if your goal is to sell it a higher amount, you must present your vehicle in its best shape possible. Seeing problems (minor or major) could actually be a deal breaker for most of your prospects.

6. Once they fall in love upon seeing your car’s body, the interiors won’t matter. It is true that your car has to be neat and dashing in order to attract potential buyers. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention to your car’s interiors. When they look or get inside your car, they must get that impression that you have really taken care of it after all those years. That is a great plus for those who are in search of for sale cars Melbourne.

7. There’s no need for you to personally demo your car. Yes, you can put all your car’s complete details and take pictures of every side or part. But still, nothing beats seeing the vehicle in person. If you are in their shoes, would you base your decision just in pictures? Of course not. Moreover, this will also help you establish a rapport with your client. Personally talking to him/her will make a lot of difference.

8. You should put the highest possible price tag for your car then gradually reduce it if you get no interested buyers for a long time. Buyers are also wise. They also wait and see if you that type of seller who would lower the price over time. If they notice that you do reduce the price from time to time, it will be a never-ending cycle for you. They will wait until your price hits bottom. So you’ll end up waiting for your car to be sold at the lowest price ever.

9. When you receive an offer, you should make the buyer wait to get a higher offer. You are the seller. And so, you should be truthful no matter what. If you tell your buyer that you have to think about it first because you have other offers, then that should be true. If you are only saying it to make them offer you a bigger amount, well, don’t count on it too much. If you make them wait for a long time, you might even lose their interest.

10. Getting a NO is the end of the line. Well, it’s truly saddening to hear a no from a client. However, sales experts say that when you get a no, there is still hope for you. Once you hear that, immediately ask the reason. Know what what’s not working for them and see if you can provide a solution for it. The buyer will see your honest intentions and that they can rely on you no matter what.

11. The price is the primary basis for the buying decision. Yes, the budget is one of the main concerns of a buyer. However, don’t take them off your list of potential buyers even if your price is a little over your budget. You’ll never know – they might just be playing wise with you. They could have that extra money they could add if you could make them want your car even more. Show them that your car is definitely worth spending this much on.

12. You should do whatever it takes to make the buyer push through with the sale right away. Being aggressive, doing hard selling, and pushing your client to buy it right away would never ever cut it. If you do some tricks or gimmicks, there is a higher chance that your buyer will be turned off. Instead of establishing that you respect and care for them, they will have that impression that you are just there to rip them off. Even if you aren’t a professional seller, you still have to do an honorable job in selling cars.

Even if you are a private car seller, that doesn’t mean you can always have your way. If you really want to succeed in selling your car, have a mindset that aims for a win-win situation for you and your buyer. Be determined to reach your goals, but it’ll also be good if you can put yourself in their shoes as well. The key is to kindly and intelligently lead the prospect to making a smart buying decision.

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