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Since its arrival in Australia in the 1960s, Audi has been an integral part of everyday lives of Aussies. And because of the brand’s outstanding contribution to the automotive industry of Australia, Rapid Car Removal vows to buy all junk, old and wrecked Audi vehicles to help ease the burden faced by Audi car owners in Melbourne.

As Audi wreckers, we know it’s always hard to say goodbye to your beloved Audi vehicles, specially if these cars have been with you for some time. But don’t worry, even if it’s time to let go of your beloved Audi, it’s not the end for your car. The good thing is that, some of its parts will surely be used by another avid Audi car owner who are looking for affordable, secondhand Audi parts.

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Audi wreckers Melbourne

We are the most reliable Audi wreckers in Melbourne. We have been in the business for two decades and we’re confident that we have gained the knowledge, the expertise and the experience need to wreck Audi cars. We don’t discriminate any Audi model. We will buy them even if they are not registered, no longer running or even if they have been stuck in your garage for quite sometime. Rapid Car Removal buys, wrecks and recycles the following models: Audi A4, A8,A3, A6, A3 Sportback, Q7, A6 Allroad Quattro, A4 Cabriolet, Audi TT, A5, Q5, R8, R8 V10, A1, A7, Q2 and Q3. Again, your Audi doesn’t need to be shiny, new or working. If it’s old and no longer being used, just allow other people to find usable parts from it or turn it over to us, the leading Audi wreckers Melbourne.

Just a reminder: even if the model of your Audi vehicle is not listed here, please still send us a message so we can give you a custom quote as well as FREE car removal service. For more information, visit our car removal page.

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if you are in Melbourne or any of the suburbs listed we will be able to offer you free car removal and we will also pay you top cash for the vehicle itself. Don’t get us wrong, the removal of junk, wrecked and scrap cars is free but you will be paid for the car according to its market value and condition. If the car is no longer running but there are major parts that we can take from it, we will still take it. If the car is in working condition but has some issues that you don’t think are worthy to be repaired, just let us know.

As the most trusted Audi car wreckers in Melbourne, we will be honest about the value of your car. We won’t be in this industry for two decades if we haven’t been fair with our customers. The process of selling your Audi car to us is simple. Fill up the form on this page or call us at 0438 942 754and we will give you a price quote. Once you agree with our price, we will come to your place, give you cash and take your car. It’s as simple as that.

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