9 Tips to Prolong Your Car’s Battery

Car batteries are consumable items that car owners need to take extra care of. While car batteries often last between three to five years, there are car owners who find themselves changing batteries every one or two years.


Because they are not aware of simple maintenance tips that can prolong their car battery’s lifespan and they are only concerned about getting from one location to another. Most owners disregard little things until they feel there is a problem with their car.

Prolong Cars Battery

To be able to take care of your car batteries better, we have listed down some of the things that you should do on a regular basis.

1. Check the water (electrolyte) level

Car owners need to make sure that the water level of their car’s battery isn’t too low. A regular schedule for topping up is necessary and it’s wise to check the levels once or twice a month during summer or when the temperature is high. When topping up, use only distilled water (boiled and allowed to cool) and avoid over filling.

2. Keep the battery clean

Clean the battery terminals and remove dirt using warm soapy water. Dirt causes batteries to self discharge more rapidly. While cleaning the battery, you can also check if the terminals are well-connected.

3. Charge the battery regularly

Your car battery drains even when the car is off, so it’s paramount that you fully charge it once a week to extend its lifespan.

4. Do not overcharge your battery

When overcharged, lead batteries release oxygen and hydrogen gases that can cause explosion or break down the composition of the water in the battery.
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5. Park in shade

A car battery’s lifespan will be cut short if it is constantly being exposed to high temperature. Doing so will also reduce the capacity of the battery and make the car harder to start in cold weather.

6. Do not operate any car accessories before turning on the car ignition

Car batteries are only designed to provide power for ignition and they’re not made to supply prolonged power for electronics and other devices. If you use car accessories while the engine is off, the car’s alternator cannot charge the battery. This will result to the car battery getting drained.

7. Do not let your car sit idle for too long

Again, car batteries drain even when the car is off. If you let the car sit idle for too long, the alternator cannot charge the battery. It’s recommended you drive around at least an hour or two every week to ensure that your battery has enough charge.

8. Insulate your car’s battery

It is recommended you use a car battery insulation kit to insulate your car’s battery and protect it from extreme temperatures. Insulation kits can keep your battery cool in the summer and warm during winter.

9. Keep the battery secure and free from vibration.

Your car’s battery will get damaged and could malfunction if it’s constantly being shaken.


These are the few practices that could certainly increase the lifespan of your battery. If you’re having issues with your car battery and other components and if you’re thinking whether your old car is better off to be sold, contact us! Rapid Car Removal buy cars in Melbourne and all its surrounding areas. We offer free car removal and cash for trucks services. We are the old and used car buyers you can trust.