7 Best Used Cars for Car Camping

With the country’s marvelous mountains, deserts, forests, and other natural sceneries, it’s no wonder that going on road trips and camping is really one of the most favorite leisure activities of Aussies. It is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your mates and loved ones. It’s a good way to test your outback survival skills. The best to unplug and unwind especially for this day and age where all of us are simply just caught up with all the technological advancements that we have.

As a nice twist to the traditional and standard way of camping, using your cars to camp out sure is getting more and more popular these days. If you are those people who still haven’t experienced it yet, we really recommend for you to try it. Car camping has lots of advantages over the standard tent-camping like: it offers more outdoor protection and security; it’s rather more comfortable; it’ll provide you temperature control; and it’s especially perfect for those unexpected and spontaneous trips.

Now, if you’re planning to go car camping soon, the very first and most important thing you’ll need is of course, the vehicle. Whether you’re planning on renting used cars,buying a new one for your family, or borrowing from mates, you must know more or less which are the cars that’ll be perfect to make your trip more safe, enjoyable, and convenient

Rapid Car Removal has been buying used cars in Melbourne for more than two decades now, and we have come up with our own list of the Top 7 vehicles that we recommend for going on outback car camping trips:

1. Land Rover Range Rover

If you prefer heading out to the outback and go camping in luxury and style, then the Range Rover is the perfect vehicle for you. It’s a full-size SUV with super impressive terrain capabilities that will help you travel with ease to just any place you’d like. It offers a complete spectrum of high-end entertainment, leather seats, and other cool gadgets and features.

2. Subaru Forester

Even if it’s categorised as a compact SUV, this car simply won’t disappoint even in the most challenging roadtrip and camping situations. It is an all-wheel drive SUV that takes pride in its tough terrain handling, outstanding fuel efficiency, and capable speed.

3. Honda Element

Its seemingly unattractive looks but don’t be foold by all the bad rap it’s getting. Because if you’re really considering getting a new vehicle that is perfect for going car camping, this is really one to consider. It was engineering for camping that’s why it boasts of its versatility and functionality. It comes with an optional six-person tent accessory, stain-resistant and washable flooring, roomy interiors, and removable rear seats.

4. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Many have known Jeep vehicles to be the ultimate car for camping trips. It has 3 different 4WD driving systems to help you efficienty manage all kinds of roads and pavements. It has a generous amount of cargo space, exceptional flexibility, and enough leg room for at most 5-6 passengers.

5. Ford Expedition

If you are heading out on a trip with your family or friends, this big-sized SUV is the perfect one for you as it can handle up to 8 passengers. It’depends on course of their age and size. Also, it can even carry up to 130.8 cubic feet of camping gear, luggage, and equipment. Apart from the best cargo capacity, it is also known for its superior towing and hauling capabilities.

6. Chevrolet Malibu

Looking for a sedan you could take to a camping trip with your loved one? Then this is the one. Even if it is a sedan, it truly is spacious and reliable. Sure it is not common to bring a sedan for your road trip or outing. This one really won’t disappoint. With its 252 horsepower, it could definitely carry enough camping luggage and even up to 5 passengers.

7. KIA Soul

Let’s say you really didn’t plan to go out camping but you have been unfortunately stranded in some unfamiliar place. If you use an urban warrior such as the Kia Soul, there’s no need to worry even if you have to stay the night inside it. Don’t let its compact design fool you because it boasts of a maximum cargo capacity of 61.3 cubic feet. With its car seats all folded forward, it can accommodate even up to 3 sleeping persons.


As Melbourne’s leading car buyers and cash for cars companies, we want you to be able to enjoy your vehicles up to the very last stages of their useful lives. So while your used cars are still in good condition. Take advantage of it and go on camping trips and other adventures. Because once the time comes when all you have left to do is sell and wreck your car. You’ll definitely regret it.

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