4 Tips for Driving With Your Dog

For those of you who have dogs at home, you know how we treat our four-legged pals as family rather than pets. That is why, more often than not, whenever we think of going on a road trip, having a vacation, or even just to have fun in the park, we’ll mostly think of bringing them with us so that they could also have fun.

But we also know that you know that travelling with dogs can also be quite a challenge. They could bark, whine, and even throw up inside your car. So if you’re not really accustomed to taking your dog with you in the car, it wouldn’t be really a walk in the park.

The good news is, you’re just in the right page. As your expert car removalists and instant cash for cars service providers who also love dogs and other pets, we’re here to give you some tips on how you could make driving with your dog at lot easier.

If you’re thinking of bringing your dog with you to any destination for the first time, here are some essential things you should live by:

Slowly Mark His Territory

If you’re planning on bringing your dog to many road trips, out-of-town vacations, and other long journeys, it’s very important that you start early – even in his early puppy stages. According to Evi Graner (owner of a dog training school), “If you want to take your dog with you in the car, you should start getting it used to the car early”.

Allow your dog to know and learn that your car is also home. Start by trying to have him get inside the car using some treats. Then assess how your dog behaves just when you start to drive. If you already have a trip planned, it’s better that you help him get used to riding in your car by bringing him to the nearest park, the mall, or even just around your neighborhood.

Establish a routine everytime you ‘practice’ driving with him. Let him know he has his own place, like a cushion, inside your car. We also suggest that you practice the habit of controlled or conditional feeding early.

Prioritize his safety

The only way to make sure you’ll have a smooth-sailing trip with your dog is to assure him that he’s safe and secure inside your car. So that also goes without saying that you should abide with all the traffic rules and regulations concerning driving with pets. By doing so, you will not only be able to secure his safety, but you’ll also avoid paying hefty fines. Now depending on the size and other needs of your dog, it’s really up to you if you’ll use a special belt, a dog carrier, or just a barrier between the passenger and the car’s boot. The important thing is, you’re observing the laws – just like never letting him sit in the front seat and not letting him hang his head outside the window.

For your convenience and your furry pal’s safety as well, also keep in mind to bring with you an emergency kit especially curated for his specific needs.

Find and plan rest stops

Dogs aren’t naturally used to travelling in vehicles. So if you’re planning on going on a long journey with him, it’s best that you plan ahead, considering even all the potty breaks and rest stops. In addition, you must choose the location for those rest stops well. What we mean is, for your dogs, it’s simply not enough if you just merely head to a gas station for a break. You may consider stopping by at parks, trails, and other pet-friendly areas along the way. This will help your dog to stretch his legs, take good breaths, and relax, enough for him to endure the other legs of your journey.

Mind his health

Just like bringing babies to vacations and long journeys, dogs also need to be checked up first by a doctor before a planned travel. This is to make sure that your dog is healthy enough, physically and emotionally, to survive his very first road trip. You must also consider giving him all the vaccinations needed at least a week before your departure.

Moreover, we all know that dogs can easily get motion sickness. So aside from doing those practice drives around town, you may also want to consider his eating habits before your trip. By making sure he knows that feeding won’t be as often when inside the car, you’ll most likely help him avoid being sick and throwing up inside your car. And as an expert tip, make sure that he is well fed at least 3 or 4 hours before you head off. There are actually food and other pet-friendly ingredients that help in avoiding motion sickness. Or if you really want to be sure or if you think your dog will still throw up, ask for your vet a prescription of ginger-based tablets specially made for travel sickness.

Just by following these 4 helpful tips, it will surely be a lot easier to make driving with your dog a walk in the park. Are you in search for car accessories and gadgets for pets that will make your trip a breeze? Or are you looking to buy a quality used car that’s tried and tested to be pet-friendly? We can most definitely help you with that! Ask our experts here at Rapid Car Removal. We have been providing reliable car removalcar wrecking and cash for cars services for two decades now.