WAYS TO SAVE FUEL: Idle Reduction

With fuel costs constantly rising and falling on a global scale, one can say that owning and keeping a car is simply not that easy. Apart from the repair and service maintenance expenses, you always have to set a budget for fuel, regardless. As long as you have your car, that expense will always be there. That is why, people are now more proactive in seeking ways to cut down car operation expenses.And one effective way for us to save money on petrol costs and at the same time lessen the need to use up more fuel resources is, IDLE REDUCTION. According to experts, this practice of reducing the amount of time an engine idles unnecessarily brings about lots of benefits like cost savings, less pollution, and reduced noise. When we let our vehicles idle. We make our engines use up more fuel and eventually let them wear out faster. As a matter of fact, in the US alone, more than 6 billion gallons of diesel and gasoline are consumed without even moving. Half of all that fuel is wasted by passenger vehicles.

Thankfully, there are lots of things we can do to reduce idling without compromising our driving comfort or travel plans. That’s where we now come in. As you all know, as Rapid Car Removal is a leading provider of instant cash for cars and car removal services, we are all for protecting Mother Nature from the negative impacts brought about by automobiles. So with that, our team of expert car wreckers, mechanics, and recyclers has come up with some tips so you could, in your own little way, participate in the idle reduction movement to save fuel.

Sadly, light-duty fleet drivers and owners of passenger cars have become so accustomed to idling their vehicles for a multitude of reasons; not because they do not know about its disadvantages and harmful effects, but because sometimes, they are so just engrossed about their own busy and complicated lives, that even caring for idle time, increased emissions, and wasted fuel is even too much for them to add to their daily responsibilities. Idling normally occurs when you:

  • are fetching or waiting for someone
  • ask a passenger of yours to go get or buy something as you wait for him/her in the car
  • just need to drop off something and you wouldn’t want to turn off your car’s A/C
  • have bought some food from a drive-thru restaurant and for some reason you can’t bring that with you; so you need to finish the food inside the car before leaving
  • saw a mate passing by while you drive around town and stop for a while to do some chit-chat. But you’re too lazy to find decent parking and get off your car

All these and a whole lot more says that all of us are indeed guilty of idling.

Now there are only two things that will help effectively reduce idling in passenger cars and light-duty commercial vehicles: modifying driving behaviors and using advanced technology.


Change your driving habits.

It should be of common sense that the primary idle reduction strategy is to turn off our engines when parked or when we know that we’re stopping for a few minutes in some place. But since most of us are just too stubborn to follow this simple rule, we just listed more specific tips to reiterate and help you get into that habit of turning off your vehicles, except in heavy traffic:

  • Obey signs that tell you you’re in a IDLE-FREE zone (like in schools, office buildings, etc.)
  • Avoid buying drive-thru food. Park your car and get food-to-go instead.
  • Although they’re so convenient, avoid using remote starters for your high-tech cars. They really encourage unnecessary idling.
  • If you’re fetching someone and you arrived early, search for a nice parking spot and wait for that person in some place other than inside your car.
  • Even if you know your errand just takes about 1-2 minutes, never leave your car engine turned on. Park it somewhere and just go back.
  • Avoid doing unnecessary things inside your car like doing makeup, eating, sending emails, or doing work – which make you stop your car (while it’s turned on) somewhere so you could finish that task easily. If you really must, turn off your engine.
  • Finally, you may consider getting an eco-friendly/electric car or one that has an automatic start/stop technology.


Invest in Modern Idle-reduction Technologies

Fortunately, there are now advanced technologies and systems that could help even common passenger vehicles to reduce idling. Some of these are:

1. Auxiliary Power Systems – these provide heating, cooling, and electronic device power even without having to run the car’s engine. They are actually now being used in police vehicles. These systems can be powered by lead acid or lithium-ion batteries that are charged while the car engine is used during driving.

2. Air Heaters – for drivers/owners of taxis and limousines that often need to idle because passenger compartment warmth is needed during cold seasons, they don’t need to idle unnecessarily anymore. They might consider getting these air heaters. They use very little amounts of fuel to operate.

3. Automatic Power Management Systems – these allow the driver to turn off the car engine and just use battery power in order to use the HVAC system and not compromise passenger comfort. Even if these use up battery power, they don’t really deplete your batteries that much. The system monitors battery power levels while your engine is off. When it detects that your battery’s state falls below the recommended level. It restarts your engine automatically until the time your battery can be used for it again.

4. Waste Heat Recovery Systems – another one to keep your driver and passenger/s warm is to invest in this kind of technology. It uses the vehicle’s heat-transfer system. A small electric pump that is connected to the water line keeps the cooling and heating system operating even after the engine is turned off. Simply put, energy recovery systems keep the passenger compartment warm.


There are actually more kinds of add-on car systems you could invest in so you could reduce idling. Just research and look for one that really fits your driving habits and budget.

Does your car simply just waste more fuel even if you do your very best to do idle reduction? Then maybe it’s not you anymore – it’s your car. You might be overlooking the fact that your car is too old and damaged already. It is the reason why it’s not fuel efficient anymore. Then if that’s the case, let us, Rapid Car Removal, take it off your hands already. We are Melbourne’s leading car buyers who have been in the business for two long decades. Allow us to simply take your old ride. Place it where it could be of more help to the environment.

Most Famous Car Crash Deaths of All Time

Most Famous Car Crash Deaths of All Time
It is a known fact that while automobiles are now necessities. They are also considered one of the most dangerous machines ever built. As long as there’s a car on the road, there would always be a person behind the steering wheel and there’s always human error. Accidents can always occur anytime. As a matter of fact, it’s not just the most fatal diseases that account for the most numbers of unexpected deaths in the world. But rather, it is drunk driving, reckless driving, overspeeding, and now, distracted driving. No matter the traffic rules or the level of awareness spread by the road authorities. People always seem to be in too much of a hurry to give an ear. These driving rules and safety reminders. Thus ending their lives more abruptly.

Unfortunately, there are times really when it’s not really the fault of the driver. Regardless of how cautious and responsible you are. Many car crashes still occur due to the fault of a fellow reckless driver and sometimes. It’s just being at the mercy of the wrath of nature.

Speaking of which, not for mere entertainment, not to disrespect the victims in any way, Rapid Car Removal is here to provide you with some information on some of the most famous people who have died in terrible car crashes. We are Melbourne’s leading car buyers, car removalists, and car wreckers. We ought to provide you with this list simply to serve as a reminder that no one is spared from the risk of getting into a car crash. No matter how rich, important, and famous you are, the chances of everyone getting into a road accident is technically equal – as proof, see this list:

Princess Diana (died August 1997)
Most popularly known as Lady Di or Diana, the Princess of Wales, died when she was just 36 years old. She died alongside her fiance, Egyptian magnate Dodi Fayed in an underground tunnel in Paris. According to the reports back then, their entourage were fleeing the paparazzi while driving with speeds reaching to three digits. Their Mercedes hit a concrete pylon and eventually killing three of the car’s four occupants. After that, her death has resulted to a flurry of conspiracy theories including one that points fault to the driver who was said to be intoxicated at that time. Until now, none of these theories were actually proven.

Grace Kelly (died September 1982)
Grace Patricia Kelly was a famous American actress who, after marrying Prince Rainier III, became the Princess of Monaco. It was truly one of the most perfect Hollywood stories yet have sadly ended in a tragedy. No one have never really imagined the tragic ending of Lady Di and Grace Kelly who ironically share similar fates – an ordinary woman turning into a princess. As she was driving through the serpentine highways of Monaco with her daughter. Grace apparently suffered a stroke which caused her to lose control and drive down the mountainside – tragically killing herself and her daughter.

Paul Walker (died November 2013)
Who doesn’t know this Fast and The Furious actor who worked alongside Dominic Toreto (aka Vin Diesel)? They say that this car crash death also deserves to be on top of ‘the lists’ simply because his demise was just too ironic or coincidental. He was so famous for his role in that movie franchise, for both being a cop, an expert race car driver, and a car thief. Sadly, he died when he was 40 in a real car crash. He was driving with his friend who was a professional race car driver. The Porsche Carrera GT had suddenly crashed into a light pole. Some reports say that his friend who was driving at that time lost control of the vehicle for some reason.

James Dean (died September 1955)
James Dean was a famous American actor during his time. He was said to be a cultural icon of teenage disillusionment and social estrangement. One of the seen in his most celebrated film, Rebel Without a Cause. His death was one of those that really had a great impact on the American youth of the 50s. He simply died pretty much the way he had lived – fast and instantaneous. He was driving his Porsche 550 Spyder en route to compete in an auto racing event, when he collided head on with a 1950 Ford Coupe that had crossed the centerline in an effort to make a left turn. Some say that his death was actually quite ironic as people have found out that he has received a speeding ticket just 2 hours before the accident.

Ryan Dunn (died June 2011)
Another one we can add to the most ironic car crash death is Ryan Dunn’s. He was a very popular American celebrity at that time, being a TV personality, comedian, actor, and stunt performer. His stardom was technically because of their hit series, Jackass, where he and his team performs all kinds of different bizarre, crazy, and let’s just say, stupid pranks and stunts. His famous persona of being a “jackass” hasn’t changed even with his death – from a drunk driving accident.. According to the reports, his blood alcohol level during the time of the car crash was at 0.196%.

Dottie West (died August 1991)
Dottie West was a famous American country singer and songwriter. She was among the few American women who had made a name for herself in the largely male-dominated country music industry of the 60s-70s. She was in the highest peak of her career when she got badly injured in an auto accident. Her vehicle took an exit too fast, eventually hitting a concrete pylon and wrecking the whole car. Initially, they thought that Dottie West as uninjured, but as it turns out, she had a ruptured spleen and lacerated liver. Her doctors were attempting to repair those, however it was just too late. One of USA’s country music legends died on the operating table.

Jayne Mansfield (died June 1967)
Jayne was a famous American actress in television, film, and theatre. But apart from that, she was also known to be a nightclub entertainer, singer, and one of the early Playboy Playmates. She was one of the most famous Hollywood sex symbols during the 50s and 60s. Plus, she became really popular for being 20th Century Fox’s alternative to Marilyn Monroe. She was in a car driving down towards New Orleans after finishing a performance at nightclub in Mississippi. Along with her 3 children, a lawyer, a personal driver, and 4 Chihuahuas, they encountered a fog of insecticide spray drifting across the road. Upon rounding a dark corner of the highway, their vehicle suddenly slammed directly into the back of a slow-moving tractor. The 3 adults were killed on collision, while all the children were miraculously saved.

Randy Savage (died May 2011)
Considered to be one of the greatest pro wrestlers in history, Randy was better known by his ring name, “Macho Man”. He was a famous American professional wrestler and color commentator. But before that, he was also a popular rapper, comedian, and voice actor. He died in a car accident on the 20th of May, year 2011. His death is considered one of the saddest ones as it was technically no one’s fault, including his. He suffered from a heart attack while he was driving, eventually losing control of the vehicle. But according to the autopsy report, his heart attack was really the cause of death.

Steve Allen (died October 2000)
Stephen Valentine Patrick William, more popularly known as Steve Allen, was a famous American TV personality, actor, composer, comedian, writer, and musician. Even if his career got a jumpstart in radio, Allen is best known for his television career. Unfortunately, he died when he was 78 years old. He was involved in a minor fender bender, however, the true cause of his death was actually from a heart attack

Ben Alexander (died June 1992)
Ben Alexander was a famous Australian rugby league player for the Penrith Panthers. He was also popular for being the younger brother of also an Australian Rugby legend, Greg Alexander. Sadly, he died when he was just 20 years old – from a drunk driving car accident. Based on the reports, his blood alcohol level at the time of the accident was at 0.14%

We truly hope that after learning about these famous car crash deaths, that is already enough to reiterate how something as simple as driving an automobile can take away your life in an instant. And as much as we, professional car wreckers Melbourne companies would want to get rid of totalled cars off our roads, we also want to help drivers and owners like you avoid all the things that would increase your chances of getting into such tragic situations. Because after all. Cars are just machines or material things that can easily be fixed or replaced. Us, humans, simply just have one shot at this brief moment called life.

As a leading cash for cars company that has been buying used cars in Melbourne for more than 20 years, we do not only help people who have old and damaged vehicles that are rotting in their premises. As a matter of fact! We are also here to provide assistance for people who have just encountered a road accident. Yes, you’ve heard us right. When motorists get into a car crash and they reckon that it’s simply impossible to have their vehicles fixed because of what really happened, our team of car removalists and car wreckers can immediately get down to the accident site to take the vehicle away – saving them from hundreds and thousands of dollars for expenses like towing, salvage yard daily rentals, and more. And the best part is, even if the car was totally wrecked, they’d still get a reasonable amount of cash for their cars – right on the spot. Want to know more about our services? Simply dial 0438 942 754 and speak with our friendly and accommodating staff.