DIY Car Dents Removal

No matter how much of an OC you are as a car owner, that even if you regularly and scrupulously clean and polish your car or despite being an extra careful driver, one thing’s definitely certain: there’s nothing you can do to avoid those “magical” dents that suddenly appear in your car’s body. There’s no way in hell you can account for things like little stones or rocks, fallen branches, a road post that came out of nowhere, wrongly thrown balls, or that opened door of the car that’s parked beside you. These real-life nuances unfortunately leave annoying marks in our precious ride.

The real bugger is, having those car dents removed by pros is unbelievably more expensive than ever! No matter how small that dent is, those shops will charge you based on their repair price per panel. Exactly the reason why some car owners tend to wait it out until there are more dents to remove before they actually have it repaired – just to get the most out of what they’re paying for.

As one of the leading car wreckers and car removal companies in Melbourne, we say that shouldn’t be the case. Having been in the cash for cars industry for more than two decades, we are here to share with you ways to help you save that hard-earned money instead of spending on those expensive dent removal services. Yes, removing minor dents in your car can actually be done in the comforts of your own garage. Check out these 5 easy ways and choose one that suits your car dent problem:

1. The Plunger Trick

Using a cup plunger, you can easily remove small- to medium-sized dents in no time. Given that the dents are clearly inwards, just wet the sides of the dent and the rubber edge of the plunger with clean and clear water (so you won’t damage your paint). Position it over the dent, press it against, then pull. You may have to repeat this process until you get it to its original form.

2. Wonders of Boiling Water

Should you have a dent in your fender or bumper, this might actually do the trick. Sometimes, even if your bumpers are made from plastic, they’re still hard and durable enough to easily push out the dent. Thus, boiling water is the answer. Just boil some water in pot and immediately pour over the dent. After pouring, quickly reach behind your fender or bumper to push the dent out. As the heat of the boiled water can easily subside, you might have to repeat the process until the plastic gets flexible enough. You need to be able to work faster if you want to succeed in this.

3. The trusty Hair Dryer

Get your wife’s hair dryer and some compressed or canned air. At its maximum heat, blow over the dent with the hair dryer. This will expand the plastic. Immediately after it’s hot enough, get the can with compressed air, turn it upside down, and spray over the dent. Cold air will now cause the plastic to contract, making the dent pop out.

4. Dry Ice Magic

This trick is best if you have medium-sized dents on the horizontal surfaces of your car’s body like the hood, roof, or trunk cover. Just buy some dry ice from your local store. You will have to hold the dry ice for long, so it’s best if you have goggles, dry ice gloves, and tongs. Apply a chunk of dry ice on the dent. Allow it to settle for less than a minute. Remove the dry ice and let the warmth of the air magically pop the dent out. Repeat the process if deemed necessary.

5. Using Crafter Tools

If the first four don’t seem to work, this might do the trick. Although, please note that you may have to re-wax your car after doing so. Get a glue gun, some wooden dowels, and screws. Place the nails/screws on opposite sides of each dowel. Apply hot glue on the bottom of the dowels and gently place them around the dent. Let them all dry, then gently pull each one out until the dent is completely gone. If you don’t have dowels, you may buy those suction pullers used for mounting hooks. But you might find them harder to pull especially if you have to repeat the process.

Minor dents and dings on your car are easy to manage, but if you think your old car’s exterior damage is not worth spending time, effort, and money on, then maybe it’s about time to let it go. Rapid Car Removal Melbourne is a trusted used car buyer and car wreckers company. We are happy to help you make cash from cars that are no longer redeemable and roadworthy. Every car brand, make, or model is welcome!

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