10 Safe Driving Tips for New Drivers

Having your very first car and getting your driver’s license are probably some of your most anticipated milestones as you enter into adulthood. But passing the driver’s license test or driving your very first car is just the tip of the iceberg; wait until you finally get a taste of the real thing. Statistics say that most new drivers get into car accidents usually during their first two years in driving. It really is fun and exciting, but you should also take into consideration that driving can also be a dangerous thing.

As one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers, we’ve had many experiences in taking vehicles that were totally wrecked from collision and other road accidents. So we say, it really won’t hurt if you will take some precautions and practice strict safe driving habits until you can finally get the hang of things. This will keep you, your passengers, and your car safe from harm’s way. Here, we’ve come up with a list of the best safe driving tips to help new drivers effectively prevent fender benders:


Know everything about your car

Be familiar or memorise all the features of your vehicle. You wouldn’t want to panic in the middle of the road when you trying to find the buttons or switches to deactivate some functions. Simple as it seems, but this can easily distract drivers and eventually get them on an accident. Read the manual cover to cover. Take your time sitting inside the car and learn how all of its features work. Mastering your ride is the first step to being safe on the road.


Religiously follow traffic rules and regulations

This is technically a must for all drivers – beginners or experts. But somehow, there are some who just follow in order to pass their driver’s license test. Which shouldn’t be the case. Rules are made and imposed for everyone’s safety. And so, if you do really care about safety, following traffic rules shouldn’t take too much of your effort; it must come naturally. Wear your seatbelt. Observe speed limits. Use signals all the time – these are just some of the most basic but most important rules to follow.


Drive in short distances first

Sometimes, drivers need to be familiar with the places they’re going to before actually driving there. Traffic regulations and driving cultures vary in different locations. So because you are just starting off and building your driving experiences, stick to near distances first. That way, you’d be able to develop and instill good driving attitudes before actually taking on that long trip.


Plan your route well

Sure there can be GPS and navigation apps that can easily help you out. However, some newbie drivers panic when they are in an unfamiliar route. Because you are still not used to driving that much, lots of unexpected things can happen to you for the very first time and being in an unfamiliar place can cause anxiety and distraction.


Discard all distractions

Two things any driver shouldn’t forget, EVER: keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Refrain from doing and entertaining anything and everything that can keep your eyes and hands from where they should be. Don’t text, call, eat, drink, and all those activities that can make you lose your concentration.


Make rules for passengers

We totally understand how important it is for you to show off your driving skills to your family or mates. However, keep in mind that you are still new at this. Showing off by driving at high speeds or doing unnecessary driving tricks could be dangerous for you and them. If you really have to drive your family members or mates, remind them that you are still a rookie and that distractions are never welcome. Should you really need to impress them, show off your smooth, safe, and law-abiding driving skills.


Practice driving in all kinds of weather conditions

Extreme weather conditions are sometimes the cause of many road accidents. So it’s better to learn how to efficiently drive in those situations. Practice with the presence of a more experienced driver for safety. Learn how to drive in dark places, during hard rains and snow, etc. It’s best that you already have a taste of these challenging situations. It will be of great help to improving and mastering your driving skills.


Practice road courtesy

Be generous, patient, and forgiving while on the road. Give other motorists their right of way. This is very important in developing a good and positive driving attitude. If you are in a situation where you can’t determine who has the right of way, rule of thumb that it’s best to let the other driver/s have it. When you encounter rude and ruthless drivers, just let them be. Don’t get mad and retaliate. It’s not for their good, but yours.


Observe proper speed and distance

Overspeeding should really be off-limits to beginners, at the very least. Wait until you’ve come to the point where you’re really familiar with the road or highway you’re driving in and when you’ve mastered your car’s handling. Also, avoid driving too closely to another vehicle. The general rule is that you start slowing down at least two cars apart from the one that’s in front of you.


Keep calm and concentrate

Develop a calm attitude while driving, always. By being calm and patient, you won’t lose your concentration in any kind of situation. If you practice doing this as a new driver, you’d be able to master resisting having road rage. Keep in mind that raging drivers have more chances of getting into an accident or road trouble; so always keep your cool.


Remember, driving is a skill. You don’t just wake up in the morning and suddenly become a good driver. It takes time and practice before you can actually say you are an experienced driver. You’d have to wait and learn how to handle all kinds of pleasant and unpleasant situations on the road. So in a nutshell, what we’re saying is, defensive driving is always the key. Being road-courteous, vigilant, quick to thinking, and responsible is the perfect way to ensure your safety.


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