4 Tips to Finding The Perfect Car

Getting a car is probably among the most exciting experiences (or purchases) you’ll ever have in your life. Regardless if it’s brand new, second hand, or a slightly used one, nothing beats the feeling of having a new car to use and show off.

As fun and exciting as it could be, some people may actually find buying a car a bit tough or challenging; especially first-timers. With all the brands, models, sizes, styles, and colours of cars we can choose from today, deciding which ride to buy seems impossible to do overnight.

As you are deciding on a big purchase and responsibility, picking out the right car is crucial. You must be able to do a thorough research, planning, and analysing. You absolutely don’t want to buy something abruptly and then end up regretting it later.

As we are one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car wreckers who have been in the automobile industry for over two decades, we have dealt with different kinds of clients who sell and buy cars. It sure isn’t easy; but after following these steps, finding THE perfect car will soon be a breeze:

Assess your needs and match it with a particular car class.

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Determine your ultimate purpose for purchasing a car. It is for work, business, leisure or for family use? How many will usually ride in it? Is it going to be used everyday? Will it be driven in the city or off-road? Would you need a bigger storage or leg room? Do you live in a place where it snows or rains hard? Is it easier for you to drive an automatic or stick shift? Will it have its own parking space in your home? – All of these questions and a lot more will help you determine which car class is really perfect for your needs. After you have noted all the answers to these, you can now choose whether you’d be going with a sedan, compact, SUV, minivan, pickup truck, luxury, or sports car.

Determine your specific budget and stick to it.

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After narrowing down your choices to the specific car class that fits your needs, it’s now time to set your budget. As with any kind of shopping experience, it is very helpful to have a budget in order to restrain yourself from overspending and making impulse purchases. Decide whether you would like to pay the car in cash or if you need to get a loan for it. Paying for a car in full would entitle you to bigger discounts and even freebies. Compute for the maximum amount you can really shell out. That amount shouldn’t only fit the vehicle’s price but also the taxes other fees that the dealership might charge you.

On the other hand, the advantage of getting car financing is that you will be able to maximise and play around your cash on hand. Compute how big you can pay as down payment, and how much monthly payment you can afford (after your regular expenses).

After this, you would be able to narrow down your choices to which brand you could afford – if you can go with the more economic brand or the more luxurious one.

Scout around and do a test drive.

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Buying a car is just like buying a pair of shoes, you’d be more convinced that you like it once you get to feel and experience it – even just for a little while. Visit authorised dealers of the shortlisted car brands that you got after taking Steps 1 and 2. Schedule a test drive for the car class and models that fit your needs. By testing these vehicles, you should be able to observe the car’s comfort, handling, security, and other additional features. These are very crucial in selecting which car is perfect for you. Besides, you will be using that car for many years. It is just right that you choose one that is comfortable, safe, and durable.

Finally choose the car that perfectly fits YOU.

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After doing the first 3 steps, you’ve probably trimmed down your choices to about 2 or 3 cars. And now that we’re done prioritising the practical matters like your needs, budget, comfort, and security, let’s not forget one thing: WHAT DO YOU LIKE? At the end of the end day, it will still boil down to what would really give you satisfaction. Besides, you are the one buying the car and you’ll be using it for a long time, so it’s only fitting that the car should be something you’d enjoy and appreciate. What color and style fit your taste?

Do you see yourself riding in it? Will you be proud to be seen driving it around? Out of the 2 or 3 options you have, pick the very one that has a strong appeal to your taste and style, the one that makes your heart beat faster every time you see it.

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