Best Car Blogs

Car lovers, enthusiasts, and experts alike constantly search for ways to feed their passion. Whether it be by joining car clubs and forums, posting videos, participating in races, or simply by doing DIY upgrade projects, all just to do what they love. Thankfully, there are some who even found a way to share that passion to others: BLOGGING. These people write anything and everything about cars – from car cleaning tips, how to drive a car like a pro, to buy-and-sell, latest accessories, to car safety tips – name it, and you could definitely find at least a couple of articles about, for sure. Take note, most of these blog sites are made for not for the car devotees, but rather for people who own cars but seem to have little to no knowledge at all about cars.

Being in the Australian automotive industry for more than two decades, we bring you 15 of some of the best car blogs (in no particular order) that we suggest you follow or visit once in a while:

1. DRIVE (www.drive.com.au) – this site is best known for its impressive and reliable car reviews. Name the car that you want to find more about, they will have a review of it 90% guaranteed.

2. CARS GUIDE (www.carsguide.com.au) – they are most popular for having the latest news in the car industry. Readers often look forward to their articles that provide info on cars that they are most excited about.

3. AUSTRALIA CAR TECH (www.cnet.com.au/cartech) – blog articles on this site provides info on the latest car technologies – gadgets, entertainment systems, and more.

4. CAR ADVICE (www.caradvice.com.au) – we love the fact that bloggers on this site evaluate over 1,000 cars per year; in the same way providing excellent car buying andcar selling tips to the not-so-experienced. They are sort of a matchmaking site for cars and people.

5. TMR (www.themotorreport.com.au) – this blog site is perfect for people with specific needs. They cater to all kinds of certain car buyers for family, sports, luxury, and more.

6. GSS (http://www.gripshiftslide.com) – specifically suggested for the car fanatics. Their articles usually discuss car racing, engineering, and even club meets

7. AUSTRALIAN MUSCLE CAR (http://www.musclecarmag.com.au) – if you are those Vin Diesel types who just simply love muscle cars, don’t think twice. Follow them now.

8. AUTOBLOG (www.autoblog.com) – what’s great about their blogs is that they cover technically everything you want to find out about cars. Their loyal followers love their light-hearted and humoristic blogs and those articles about green cars.

9. RIDELUST (www.ridelust.com) – looking for easy to understand instructional blogs that contain videos like How to Paint Your Car? Check out this blog site. They feature visually-striking and entertaining blogs, hilarious car care tips, and even car fail photos.

10. MOTORATOR (http://www.motorator.com) – for the die-hard car fanatics, this site is created just for you. If you’re really interested in learning everything, you can find very technical car articles as well as blogs on the latest gadgets and engine technologies.

11. PRACTICAL MOTORING (http://www.practicalmotoring.com.au) – looking for car wash tips, new car reviews, and must-know info for newbie car owners? Here’s the blog site that is recommended for you.

12. THE AUSTRALIAN (www.theaustralian.com.au/life/motoring) – if you want to be updated with the latest news and events in the automotive industry in Australia, the most reliable sources write blogs for this site.

13. AUTOMOTIVE BLOG AUSTRALIA (www.motormegasite.com/auto-blog) – if you prefer reading blogs that specifically provide news, tips, and reviews for Aussies, this is the site to follow.

14. BEST SELLING CARS (www.bestsellingcarsblog.com) – want to buy the latest and most popular cars today? Make it easier to choose and study your options by reading the articles from this blog site.

15. CAR ENVY (http://www.carenvy.ca) – if you are more comfortable reading car blogs that have a more personal approach, this is the site to check out and follow. The author provides a lot of food for thought instead of those articles that are full of jargon and technical stuff.

Special thanks to the internet, we now have easy access to more information than ever. If we want to be in-the-loop (in the car world, that is), it’s just a click or a touch away. Following blogs is a great way to be informed and entertained all at the same time.

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