10 ways to make your car feel new again

Automobiles are just like other material things that we use and enjoy; they get tired, worn, and all used-up over time. It’s really not that bad because it still serves it purpose somehow. Howbeit, you sometimes get to a point when you’re bored or tired of using it simply because it has lost that new-car scent and super attractive aura it has before.

Not everyone has the means or luxury to replace cars just because they’re all worn and used up. So if you see that your car is now looking and feeling down and out, you don’t have to feel the same – all the more that you have to give it that well-deserved attention and TLC. Because if it’s trying it’s best to still be your source of mobility, you should also do your best to take care of it for as long as you should.

Don’t you worry, as vehicle removal and auto recycling experts, we are to help you with your problem. As Rapid Car Removal has been providing junk car removal servicesfor more than two decades, we have been dealing with all kinds of used and worn-out cars for that long as well. Read up as we will give you 10 expert tips to make your used car feel brand new again. These tips might need some of your budget, but after you do it for your beloved ride, you’ll realise that it’s all worth it:

Give it a salon-spa treatment.

Who wouldn’t love to be thoroughly cleaned, pampered, and rejuvenated? Even us, in our busy and complicated lives, we need that kind of treatment every once in awhile. So make time to give that to your precious ride. Allot a day to clean it inside and out. Give it a good and thorough car wash. Vacuum and detail the interiors. If you’d have to do a few touch-ups to fix minor scratches and dents, don’t hesitate, just do it. Nothing still beats a spotless, neat, and shiny vehicle.

Restore your cockpit’s splendor.

Plastics and other dashboard surfaces tend to fade in color and become dull over time. And so because it’s the particular part of your car that you often touch and spend the most in, it’s but proper that you pay more attention to it. Because if you let your cockpit grow dull and tiresome, so will your driving be. So clean all its nooks and crannies. Buy products like waxes or silicone polishes to make it look like new again. You may also opt to get a brand new steering wheel, or even just a steering wheel cover. After cleaning and making it look fresh and new, you may also want to check on the illumination of your dashboard lights. You might spend some bucks to replace your dimmed illumination knobs or switches, but it will really make a whole lot of difference when you’re driving with a bright dashboard.

Upgrade the entertainment.

Driving isn’t really as fun without good music and a superb sound system. So if you think your car is really that old, maybe a new infotainment system and better speakers will do the trick. In order not to put a serious dent on your wallet and to help you get a new one, you may opt to sell your old speakers and stereo system. There are lots of suppliers of brand new and used quality car entertainment speakers online and offline. Buy the one that suits your budget, your taste, and your personality. Choose the one that will make you excited to drive around in your car once again.

Get new car seat covers.

Our car seats also get their fair share of abuse over time. With all the dust, friction, weight, food crumbs, drink spills, UV damage, heat, and more, we’re sure it won’t be much of a surprise if you see your car seats faded, brittle, torn, and just simply looking not-so-comfy to sit on. So if you have the budget to purchase a new set of seat covers, this will really help you achieve that goal of making your car feel brand new.

Deodorize the A/C.

Driving and riding in your car wouldn’t really feel fresh if the cool air from the air conditioning system isn’t as clean and pure. Not only is it unhealthy for you to breathe in air with dirt, mold, or fungus, but it’ll also eventually do some damage to the whole car HVAC system. So take that time to revitalize your A/C. Clean and change your air filters; and then, buy those air conditioning system deodorizers you can find in any local auto shop. Don’t worry as they shouldn’t cost too much.

Make the lenses sparkle and shine.

Any car would really look old, down, and out if it has yellowish and hazy headlights and tail lights. There’s no need to fret because there’s a DIY trick to making your car’s eyes sparkle and shine once again. You don’t even have to spend a dime on it. Just give them a thorough clean; then rub it rigorously with some toothpaste (preferable the whitening kind), and just wipe it off. You may repeat the process until you get your desired result. Finish off by wiping well and coating with some wax or furniture polish.

Give your tyres some TLC.

It is a known fact that our tyres are one of the most tired parts of our cars. And so, you shouldn’t forget them if you are really on a project to make your beloved ride feel brand new again. If it’s not really that the right time to replace them, all you need to do is give it a good clean, have them aligned, and rotate if necessary. Don’t forget to finish off with a new tyre black.

Replace all the rubber parts.

Your car will definitely feel aged and worn out if you hear some squeaks. All the rubber parts in your car will become dry and brittle. Not only will they remove those squeaking and daming sounds, but also, they will protect your car from getting rust spots and warped plastic. Replacing the rubber seals, door trims, plastic rattles, window seals, and even the windshield wipers won’t really be expensive; but it will definitely take a lot of your time. So make sure to specially allot schedule for it.

Switch engine oils.

We know that most car owners tend to stick only one brand and kind of engine oil for the rest of their car’s useful life. So if you’re determined to make your driving experience feel new again, make sure that engine feels new as well. Do that by switching to a an oil with a different kind, brand, or grade; of course along with some filter and plug replacements.

Fix or replace the shocks and springs.

The suspension system is responsible for making your drive or ride feel nice, smooth, and comfy. So if your car has an issue with its suspension, you’ll definitely feel that your car is that old and used up. You may think that this might be too much of a hassle; but when you really think about it, you’ll realise that replacing or fixing them would make a big difference in your driving.


If you really love your car like you say you do, you wouldn’t just give up on it or throw it away just because it doesn’t feel brand new. Just like you, it also gets tired and lonely sometimes. So all you have to do is just give it some good old rejuvenation tricks like all those that we have mentioned, and you’ll feel it’s like brand new all over again.

But just in case your car doesn’t just look or feel tired, that’s where we, Rapid Car Removal come in. If your beloved ride has indeed reached the last days of its useful life, if its issues and damages are beyond repair, and if it’s more often broken than running, then it’s really time for you to get car removal services. Being a trusted instant cash for cars company for two long decades, we can assure you that you’re not only sending off your old ride to a better place, but also, you are guaranteed to get top cash for your car – regardless of its condition.